Silver Squadron

Data packet 7142015

Primary mission status…. Ongoing
Secondary mission status…. On hold
Cover….. In jepordy

Overmind, we are in position to secure the recording and will be sending it in the next data packet. The prisioner situion is as yet unresolved. In our efforts to secure the aid of the Commodore we have uncovered an Imperial Agent going under the Alias Krem Elien. He has been operating on Chandilra for sometime, consolidating his power base. His organization has removed numerous rival gangs. During this time he has stayed clear of Imperial law to a degree that cannot be coincidence. Our attempt to gather information for a local journalist was unsucessfull. Krem appears to have a firm grip on the planet. Our informate was KIA during an ambush in public. Codenames Talky and Brainy were IDed by survailance and requested for questioning. We plan to spin this as a random act of violence and maintain cover.

The Lieutenant


DanSpin redbaron2119

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