Pash Menuk

Human Diplomat, Agitator


Brawn 2
Agility 2
Intellect 2
Cunning 2
Willpower 3
Presence 3
Wound 12
Strain 13
Defense R 0 / M 0
Soak 3

Trained Skills: Coercion, Charm, Negotiation, Deception, Xenology, Ranged Light, Cool, Leadership, Mechanics

Talents: Nobody’s Fool, Intimidating


The Menuk family owns a successful ion enigine business and with the rise of the Empire, business has been booming. Though his family has enjoyed the success and profits of working with the Empire, Pash remembers when he was young and made many friends with the various aliens that they used to deal fairly with. Now that his family deals almost exclusively with the Empire, they have started treating their alien customers with contempt; this disparity angered the honest and fair-minded Pash. Largely sequestered from the world, Pash started his own little rebellion by sabotaging many business deals and a few engines, and he was more than smart enough to avoid getting caught. One business deal he planned to disrupt led him to meet with his first rebel. Now he has left his family home, supposedly on business, but his loyalty now is to the Rebellion. He appears to be a good Imperial citizen, but Pash will stop at nothing to see the Empire brought to ruin, and the open and accepting Republic returned to power.

Pash Menuk

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